Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tweeted feom Tahrir Square, Cairo

Christian youth protecting Muslim protesters while in prayer. Beautiful!

EGYPT: The Metaphysical "Super Bowl"

As many of us gather this Sunday to watch and root for our favorite football champions, it will most likely come as a welcome distraction from all the reminders of human cruelty we've watched aghast as they unfold in gory color from the land of Egypt.

How much easier it is to just turn away - at least for awhile - and forget that we are One with those beautiful people who are fearlessly demanding their freedom from authoritarian hierarchy, their demand for free and open communication and association, and their freedom to be happy instead of in denial. In short, they are claiming their freedom from the past in hope of a miraculous new future that will be granted or denied them - along with us - by what they're choosing in the present. As are we.

Everything is connected, ACIM says. There are no accidents, it flatly proclaims. Your brothers' freedom is your own. Or not at all.

Heavy stuff. And unequivocal. And urgent. For delay is tragic.

What can you do? Be aware. And alert. And mindful. And expecting miracles instead of disaster. It's all been planned.

Planned? Yes, that is what ACIM tells us. Every instant, every step, no happenstance.

In the shadow of the pyramids - the worldwide symbol of timeless power - humanity is being called upon to react as one. Many "stones" coming together in joined interest and cooperation in the hope of building something new and better. And equally enduring.

It is no accident that this is happening in the land where Western spirituality had its beginnings. And that it is there that that same spirituality's fruits are being tested at this moment. The "Indigo Children's Revolution", I've been told to call it. And it is our ability to choose our response that will determine its outcome, for love or fear. No compromises.

Is it a coincidence that the Mayan Calendar began in 3114 BC at virtually the same time as the first dictatorship (the First Dynasty of pharaohs) of Egypt began? No.

Is it a coincidence that the exact astrological alignment that ends the Mayan Calendar occurs at the exact moment of sunset behind the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau on December 21, 2012? No.

Is it a coincidence that the grandest civilizations in history on opposite sides of the globe are somehow entwined through time and space enveloping the world and converging on this place? No.

Is it a coincidence that every populous in the entire world is engage right now in the very same conflict with seemingly indestructible power structures of various descriptions? No.

When the ego looks at the pyramids, the meaning that it ascribes to them is an all-dominating worldly power.

What spiritual vision sees is the infinite potential of a power derived through the cooperation of all the earthly aspects of the Son of God.

You and me. And them - those innocent souls waking up in a bloody square in Cairo - hoping with every fiber of their being that you will have faith in them. And in their cause.

Tahrir Square. "Tahrir" means freedom. Liberation. No coincidence. Our interests are one.

Is it a coincidence that you and I are once again being given the false choice between a stability derived from oppression and a potentially chaotic freedom?

Is it a coincidence that we are being asked to choose between our own perceived best interest - stable oil prices, Israel's security, preventing the potential rise of yet another Islamic theocracy - and freedom for the people of Egypt?

No. There are no coincidences. None. It's all connected.

This is the practical application of our supposed beliefs in ACIM. Here is where the rubber meets the road.

Calling all spiritual champions to join the team...right now.

It is up to us to flood their cause with all the faith we say we have in God that those who stand on the side of freedom ARE doing the Will of God, putting aside our doubts from all the other perceptual "facts" our senses bring us, and saying with one voice that we stand there, too.

There are moments that change the history of MAN KIND. And this is one of them.

Enjoy the game!

With love always,