Monday, December 21, 2009

The grid

In June of '96, a very dear friend who is a Buddhist kept having dreams where she was being instructed to attune me as a Reiki Master (when I couldn't have cared less about becoming a RM). She even got the date, time and place for the ritual and I agreed to it simply as a way of honoring her guidance.

During the ceremony, itself, I "zoned out" and had an encounter with "myself" in a seeming past life that explained ALL of my life up to that point. Then the real "show" got started. lol

For at least an hour afterward, I was "seeing" two reality levels simultaneously. One, the "normal" one of 5-sensory perception and the other, its "foundation".

There was a vibrant LIVING energy grid formed by golden "pulses" of light streaming (purposefully) across, up'n'down' and to'n'fro in my line of vision. Energy "packets" (with streaming tails) were constantly passing through my localized awareness,picking up information as we connected and using that exact information (the word literally means "the process of bringing into form" ;-) the world I could see with my physical senses.

Each energy packet was self-aware and unique while simultaneously inextricably linked to all the others. And each was also aware of me and seemed genuinely pleased that I was suddenly aware of THEM. :-)

And while that awareness continued, the living grid was far more real and distinct than the physical image of the world being projected onto it by my thoughts. But that physical world was far more beautiful than it appears through human eyes!

It, too, was living and glowing with every seemingly separate thing (like trees and sky) reaching out and blending with all of the other things around it. The trees were especially vivid and dynamic, radiating jewel-like color patterns that seemed to ripple like waves of hues. (I think I might have seen the very same phenomenon that Moses saw when he described a "burning" bush that didn't burn. ;-).

And there was an "entity" that was "off the grid", too. A radiant sphere of intelligent energy and it felt like I had ALWAYS known "her" (I say "her" because of the gentle tenderness I associate with the feminine). And in the wordless communication I had with her I *KNEW* that I was both eternally safe and completely loved. (Note to Self: I need to remember this experience this clearly more often. ;-)

Anyway, my friend and another woman had to lead me back to my car (I wasn't motivated to do anything other than communicate with each "thing" that I encountered) and they were starting to get really concerned. Something one of them said about calling a doctor penetrated my consciousness and I realized (forcefully) that I was causing them fear.

And in that realization, it was over. But not done! lol

Now, when I drop a plate or stub my toe on a table leg, I apologize to the "coalesced" energy that has LOVINGLY agreed to be contained (temporarily) so I can continue to play this game of hide and seek with Life. Until I find reality forever. (But that means you have to find it WITH me. :-)

Carmen Cameron
Louisville, Kentucky